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ART acquisitions

Art Advocacy Australia is passionate about creating employment opportunities for artists with disabilities & mental health conditions through managing & brokering professional relationships & commission opportunities for our artists. Sourcing the finest in contemporary artworks, we provide a dedicated resource for art buyers, including private & corporate collectors, interior designers, & art consultants.

Working collaboratively with our diverse range of highly skilled professional visual artists, both established & emerging, we're able to source original one-off pieces directly & ensure exceptional quality with a unique point of difference. 

  • Office Artworks

  • Community Spaces

  • Interior Design Collaborations

  • Property | Retail Artworks

  • Private | Home Artworks

  • Public Commissioned Art

  • Digital | Canvas

  • Sculptures

  • Exhibitions

  • Live Art & Events

Our unique collection offers a diverse range of mediums & styles including paintings, sculptures, photography, drawings, mixed media, digital art, oils, acrylics, watercolours & limited edition prints. 

 Accommodating a wide variety of sizes, subjects, finishes, tastes, & budgets,

there is no limit to what our artists are capable of!

- Click images to enlarge -

Boab Trees W1220 L915
Winter Trees W1070 L810 Oils
Golden Light W1215 L760 Oils (newer)
Sunset Lake W730 L730 Oils
Talking Trees W1222 L760 Oils
Before the Storm W760 L910
Peacefull Bay W750 L1000
Stormy Weather W1065 L810
Rocky Bay W760 L1920
The Kimberley W760 L1015
Centarian W1910 L1215
Dappled Path W1065 L810
Golden Horizon W1220 L760
Open Spaces W1520 L760
Sunset Reflections W910 L760



We welcome any & all enquiries about acquiring & sourcing artworks by artists with disability or mental health conditions.

Contact our Artistic Director who can assist you in choosing the artist who would best fit your commission.

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