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Art Acquisition

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Art Commissioning - Corporate

In the business world the commissioning of artwork is for an acknowledgement – a past CEO, Director, Founder of the company etc or for an achievement a sales target etc.

They may even have a rogue’s gallery of past influential contributors, directors or management represented within a boardroom or corridors of power. The oil or acrylic portrait is the usual expression for capturing the likeness of the sitter. The appeal comes about for historical reasons, ego and as a compliment!

Typical examples are as follows where corporate commissions are a favoured solution of acknowledgement:

  • Rural companies may decide to commission a landscape artwork of the land holdings.

  • Horse stud or stables commission portrait paintings of prominent horses by way of a painting or bronze sculpture.

  • Portrait of an aircraft where the owner has received great pleasure and delight after owning it for years however has decided to record the sentiment with an artwork.

The list goes on; I’m sure you can see how a commissioned artwork can be applied in many instances with one’s business.
Corporate commissions are also considered with a new fit-out, change of location or headquarters, a new MD appointed who wants to add their touch to a changed work management thus artwork is an expression of the new personality running the company.

Paintings, works on paper, graphics, sculpture both interior and ground or entrance foyer art and mural art being either 2d or 3d are considered. The process is to employ a person who can advise the company as to what options are available and to come back to management with a plan and costing.

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Art Commissioning - Private

Commissions are favoured as a solution in a number of circumstances. Perhaps the most recognised is the ‘portrait’. Historically the portrait of a loved one was the height of flattery! That’s before photography came along because it was also considered an expensive exercise. The original oil, acrylic or work on paper captures so much more than a photograph though! Firstly the artist of an original artwork can capture the character beyond the visual reference, sometimes hinting at the personality of the sitter or a suggested mannerism that is below the surface. That’s apart from the assessment of the light, brush stroke, depth of perspective and impact etc.

The portrait can extend to a family group, a nude or nudes, a loved one in a familiar setting e.g. a portrait in a study etc. There can be many associations you know of that are appropriate for the person one wants to commission.

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Other reasons for commissions are often sentimental based - capturing a place of memory e.g. holiday destination, or place that is special to you. Houses or properties are other obvious attractions to have captured on canvas. Horses, especially if they are ‘winners’. Have the horse immortalised on your wall at home or work expresses your individuality and love of the success and the acknowledgement of their achievements and hard work and commitment.

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