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Our Values

Our values inform & underpin the way we apply ourselves to every aspect of our work.


says we believe in recognition & reward for high quality, extraordinary artwork.


is more than inviting someone to the party; it's asking them, will you dance with me?


acknowledges that we are stronger together than apart.


says we advocate to build lifelong change in the careers and aspirations of our artists


is about being transparent, honest, and always acting with integrity.

All of our work is informed by the Human Rights and Social Models of Disability.


We advocate the need for social reform based upon the principles laid out by these models in pursuing a people-oriented approach to the arts, and to driving an inclusive and sustainable approach to business enterprise.

History of Human Rights

Human Rights Model of Disability

Tony Backshall

| Non-Exec Director

Tony is possibly the nicest guy you could meet. Even though this is just placeholder text, we can still tell everyone how awesome Tony is in the interim. Obviously more than just a kind soul, Tony also provides decades of management experience and a sound business mindset to the enterprise.

Tones "Dad" Backshall has got your back - despite his busy schedule in being the Head of Sourcing for Big W Asia, he still makes time to ensure you're doing OK and aren't in need of anything.

What a guy. We should all aspire to be more like Tony.

We could waffle on all day about his achievements, his impressive resume, his cool whisky collection, or his adorable family. But to sum it up in one sentence: Tony is The Man.

Michael Anthony

| Chief Technical Officer

Mike is a qualified Information Communication & Technology technician with over a decade of professional experience in the industry, specialising in brainstorming & implementing solutions for unconventional & often unique technical challenges.


Through overcoming the social hurdles placed in living with high functioning autism, Michael has grown a passion for supporting results-oriented approaches toward disability advocacy & is a strong believer in the strengths offered by diverse ranges of thinking & mental architectures.


With qualifications in Electrotechnology & Machine Learning, Michael is excited to apply the knowledge & experience gained over his career toward supporting Art Advocacy Australia.

Kyra Collard

| Comms Assistant

​Kyra identifies as a gender-fluid lesbian of Indigenous Australian decent from the Noongar & Yamatji tribe. 


Having lived experience of psychosocial &  communications disabilities, she embraces disability leadership as Art Advocacy Australia communication's officer &  her endeavours in the wider community.

Her involvement with the Western Australian Performing Arts Academy & its Indigenous Program has lead her pursuit into community communications in the Arts.


Kyra is currently completing her Cert 3 in Community Services & is passionate about using the power of arts as a constructive means to communicate without words.

Shae Baxter

| Disability Support Adv

Shae Baxter is a highly skilled education support teacher with over 20 years experience in the field.

Shae takes pride in changing policies and securing grants to improve the lives of our artists and people with disabilities. Shae is also interested in the Arts and teaches students conflict resolution through drama. Shae is a proud supporter of this cause and offers insight into the intricate needs of artists with special needs.


In addition to supporting Art Advocacy Australia, Shae is the Chief Executive Officer for SCESC (Secondary College Education Support Centres), Dianella precinct and is currently teaching and consulting in Protective Behaviours.
In recent years Shae coordinated 18 education support schools in the north metro region of Perth. Working as the executive officer for the ESNN (education support North Network), Shae forged partnerships between schools, principals and the wider community ensuring the best opportunities for students with special needs.

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